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[[Trudy in a cheap motel room, papers strewn about. She sits on a bed in shorts and a tank top, clutching a few pieces of paper.]]

Trudy: (Thoughts) The alien weapons were confiscated by the FBI after New York. C.R.U.D.E. has been scattered. I will need to start everything from scratch.

Trudy: (Thoughts) Still, I have assets hidden across the continent. And most importantly, I have something more valuable than physical goods: information.

[[Pinned to a wall are labels with the following organizations: Hereticorp, SCO, Ubersoft, Herd Thinners, Concordat, Martha Stewart.]]

Trudy: (Thoughts) But who should I take this information to? Blackmail is only effective in the hands of the right audience...

Trudy (Thoughts) Yes... Powerful, yet conveniently close. He'll do nicely....

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