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Evil Minds Unite: A Funny Farm / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Thursday, August 7, 2003]
[Comic for Thursday, August 7, 2003]

Funny Farm comics and characters are © Copyrght 2003, Ryan Smith. All rights reserved. Reprinted here with permisson.


[[PC is in his fortress, video conferencing with Mr. Mayers' office]]
Mr. Mayers: All humor aside, Ms. Trueheart has detailed knowledge of your pursuers and is willing to help you avert their gaze.
PC: I see.

PC: And just what am I expected to do in return?
Mr. Mayers: Nothing. I will handle her compensation myself. I'm merely here to help you.

PC: Perhaps it would be best to accept your offer. I have been unable to do anything without these "observers" watching my every move. They are moving from nuisance to hindrance...

[[A diver with a camera looks in a window by Ascii]]
Ascii: BO$Z!!1 7|-|3RE'Z @N07H3R 0N TH3 |-|UL|_XX0R!!1!
PC: Sigh... Electrify the hull plating again, Ascii...

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