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Evil Minds Unite: A Funny Farm / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Sunday, August 10, 2003]
[Comic for Sunday, August 10, 2003]

Funny Farm comics and characters are © Copyrght 2003, Ryan Smith. All rights reserved. Reprinted here with permisson.


[[PC and Ascii are on the beach with Trudy and Mr. Mayers, in front of a submersible with an adding machine at its entrance]]
PC: Tor the Calculate! Guard the submersible!
Tor: 2 + 2 = 4!

Mr. Mayers: PC, I have arranged a temporary location near Oceatlantic City for you and Ms. Trueheart to discuss your common adversary.
PC: Acceptable.

[[Ascii leans over Trudy]]
Mr. Mayers: I can provide you both with whatever you require... most importantly, a quiet location to brainstorm.
PC: And broadband internet access.
Mr. Mayers: Of course.

[[Trudy points at Ascii]]
Trudy: PC! What is this... thing?
PC: That is Ascii, my bodyguard and commander of my doombot legions.
Ascii: |-|1!!!1!

PC: He is insignificant. Ignore him.
Trudy: (thinking) Doombots? Hmmm...
Ascii: K@N 3YE SE3 Y0UR b00B13Z???

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