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Evil Minds Unite: A Funny Farm / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Monday, August 11, 2003]
[Comic for Monday, August 11, 2003]

Funny Farm comics and characters are © Copyrght 2003, Ryan Smith. All rights reserved. Reprinted here with permisson.


[[Trudy, Mr. Mayers, and PC are in a cottage]]
Mr. Mayers: This small cottage is out of the way, yet within easy reach of Oceatlantic City. It will give you both time to lay low and discuss tactics.

[[Mr. Mayers gives Trudy a phone]]
Mr. Mayers: This cell phone will directly dial my assistant, Ms. Reese. I have other pressing matters to attend to, but I will check on your progress.

[[Mr. Mayers leaves the cottage]]

PC: We are wasting cycles. Detail your solution immediately.
Trudy: We haven't started yet!
PC: Humans are so inefficient.

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