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Evil Minds Unite: A Funny Farm / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Sunday, August 17, 2003]
[Comic for Sunday, August 17, 2003]

Funny Farm comics and characters are © Copyrght 2003, Ryan Smith. All rights reserved. Reprinted here with permisson.


[[PC and an Elvis impersonator are waiting in the front of the wedding chapel]]

[[Trudy is at the other end of the chapel, in front of Lady Luck and beside Ascii]]
Trudy: That's your cue, you bucket of bolts! What's your problem?

Ascii: 3YE'M N3RV0UZ!! N3VER BE3N BEZ7 M@N B3F0RE!!!
Trudy: Careful with that! What's that you're holding anyway?

Ascii: O|-|!!! B0$Z'$ $UB R3M0TE!! B0$$ K@N'7 G3T BAC|< 70 PCDR0M3 W1T|-|OU7 1T!!!
Trudy: Then you shouldn't play with it like that. You might break it

Trudy: Here... let me hold it. We wouldn't want it to get damaged, right?
Ascii: 3YE'M N07 $TUP1D!! WH@T K1N|) 0F F0O|_ D0 Y0U T@KE M3 F0R??!?

[[Trudy lifts her skirts to expose her garter]]
Ascii: PU7 1T UND3R G@RT3R $0 Y0U DON'7 L0Z3 1T!!!
Trudy: Oh, silly me! What was I thinking?

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