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Evil Minds Unite: A Funny Farm / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Wednesday, August 27, 2003]
[Comic for Wednesday, August 27, 2003]

Funny Farm comics and characters are © Copyrght 2003, Ryan Smith. All rights reserved. Reprinted here with permisson.


[[Trudy washes up the the shore]]
Trudy: (thinking) Intolerable... impossible... inconceivable! How did they know about that sub?

Trudy: (thinking) No underwater base... no doombots... this can't be happening! I will not lose ground again! I've come too far to suffer this many setbacks!

Trudy: (thinking) My only hope is that the UGA has latched onto PC and lost my trail... or that PC has lost them and I can hook up with him. Option one loses the least face...

[[Trudy sees a helicopter with PC in it]]
Trudy: (thinking) But option two looks like my only choice...

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