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[[Nick and Ki are in a petite clothing store]]
Ki: Do you have any idea what it's like to be as short as I am?
Nick: Well, I'm no basketball player myself.

[[A dowdy dress is behind Ki to her right and a midriff-baring t-shirt and bellbottom outfit is to her left]]
Ki: Every time I shop for clothes, it's the same thing. Either I'm stuck with "petite" clothes my grandmother would wear, or "juniors" that make me look like I'm in middle school.

[[Ki storms off in the direction of the customer service desk]]
Ki: Even specialty stores like this one are no help. That's it... I'm going to complain to their management...

[[Nick and Ki are at the customer service desk. Nick's head can be seen above the desk, only the top few centimetres of Ki's head are visible. Nick points down at Ki]]
Clerk: Can I help you, sir?
Nick: Um, actually...
Ki: Grrrr...

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