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[[Fred sits atop a filing cabinet next to where Sharon was working]]
Fred: He's gone? What did you do?
Sharon: Took advantage of a flaw in his router's firmware and used our servers to ping flood him offline.

[[Sharon gets her jacket]]
Fred: So he's not coming back?
Sharon: Heh. Not 'til he buys a new router. I fried it good. I'm calling it a night. Need a ride?

[[At the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair's base, shrouded in shadows]]
Narrator: Meanwhile...
Zero One: Has our vengeance been carried out, h4mm3r?
h4mm3r: No, my Lord. We have been knocked offline!

Zero One: Then Barker has foiled us yet again?
h4mm3r: No. It is another. And, my Lord, I think this "S. Murphy" could be ... The One ...

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