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Don't remember Fooker's deathmatch with the Brotherhood? This took place in L33T: Comics for Gamers #4, still available in the KeenSwag online store.

[Comic for Sunday, September 14, 2003]


[[Fred is perched atop a filing cabinet next to Sharon's desk]]
Sharon: Okay, let me see if I get this straight...

Sharon: Almost four years ago, Fooker got this exact same test from some ubergeek organization calling itself the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair. He passed the test, and was about to be inducted as a member...

Sharon: ... When you gallantly intervened and saved him from certain doom.
Fred: Something like that.
Sharon: Uh huh.

Sharon: Since then, this brotherhood has marked him as an enemy, and even challenged him to a Quake 3 deathmatch...
Fred: Which ended in a draw.

Sharon: Hm. So yesterday's hack attempt was meant to target him, not GPF.
Fred: But if they sent you the test, they must know now that you're not Fooker.

Sharon: Heh... which gives us ample opportunity to mess with their heads.
Fred: There! There it is! I told you you had a sadistic streak!

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