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[[Sharon waits by the brotherhood's warehouse as Fred returns to her purse]]
Sharon: Ah, it's about time...
Fred: Back into the purse I go...

[[A bleary-eyed member of the brotherhood looks out the door and Sharon holds out a piece of paper]]
h4mm3r: Mrgf... wha-? Who...?
Sharon: My name is Sharon Murphy. I received this "test" and followed the clues here. Now what is this all about?

[[h4mm3r takes the paper from Sharon and looks at it in surprise]]
h4mm3r: What? The test! How did you get this? It was left for S. Murphy of GPF Soft--
Sharon: I'm S. Murphy. I completed the task. Now what is going on?

[[h4mm3r returns to the warehouse, closing the door]]
h4mm3r: Impossible! I don't know how you got here, but you must abscond immediately!
Fred: Hm. They're more articulate than I remember.

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