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[[Sharon sneaks into the warehouse through a window while Fred peeks out of her purse]]
Sharon: Great... on the day I'm sneaking into a secret enclave, I decided to wear a skirt...
Fred: No luck at the front door?

[[Sharon is in the warehouse]]
Sharon: No, I kept trying and nobody came back. And that little gnome took my test note.
Fred: Well, you could have tried a different approach...

[[Fred climbs onto Sharon's right shoulder]]
Fred: I bet if you had dressed up as Lara Croft they would let you in in a heart beat.
Sharon: I have my dignity, Fred. And healthy, normal back muscles.

[[A person's shadow is visible behind Sharon and Fred]]
Sharon: Anyway, we're inside now, so let's see what we can find.
Fred: I hate to sink so low as to quote "Star Wars," but I have a bad feeling about this...

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