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[[Sharon is blindfolded and tied to a chair]]
Zero One: Where is the prisoner?
Brotherhood member: In here, O great one.

Zero One: Where did you say you found her?
Brotherhood member: In the server room. She was alone, but talking to herself.

Zero One: How did she find us?
Brotherhood member: She says she was sent the test and followed the clues.

Zero One: Impossible!
Brotherhood member: But great one, she had the card! See? In my own handwriting!

Zero One: She must be a spy. Search her.
Sharon: If one you creeps lays a single finger on me, I'll kick your gonads up into your teeth!

Brotherhood member: Um, you search her.
Brotherhood member: Nuh uh, I searched the last spy. You search her.
Brotherhood member: I told you to tie her ankles.

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