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[[Sharon is tied to a chair and is struggling to free herself]]
Sharon: Ngh... got to find a way out of here...
Fred: Psst!

[[Fred is on a box behind Sharon]]
Sharon: Fred! I was wondering where you disappeared to!
Fred: Just laying low while trying to find you. Hold still while I set you free...

[[Fred slimes the ropes binding Sharon's hands]]
Sharon: Ew. Did you have to slime my hands instead of untying them?
Fred: Easy for you to say, Miss Opposable Thumbs. Shh!

[[Fred climbs onto Sharon's left shoulder as Sharon gets up]]
Fred: The brotherhood has called a secret powwow in the big room.
Sharon: I know. We need to find out what they're up to.

Fred: I thought this was the point where you say, "Thanks for freeing me, Fred. Now let's get out of here."
Sharon: Not until I get my questions answered.

Fred: You'd think you humans would learn from the mistakes they keep making in the movies.
Sharon: No one cued the eerie music yet.

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