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[[Dexter, Sharon, Dwayne, Fred, Ki, Nick, and Trent are meeting]]
Dwayne: Okay, team, let's get our status for the week...

Nick: Well, the Gilmore project is about 95% complete. Just need to finish the documentation.
Ki: Gotta do a refresh on their table specs, too. I'm doing that today.

Sharon: Quantum Net said they have a planned outage Thursday night, so our servers will be down for two hours. I'll inform the customers.

Dexter: The Dolantech feed is about 15% done. Nick and I still need to discuss requirements, and you and I need to discuss renewing my contract.
Dwayne: I know.

Trent: I've nearly bagged the Taylor deal, and I'm proud to say Goodman Rubber is renewing its contract for another five years.

Dwayne: And Fred?
Fred: No calls to speak of, but whoever is putting the non-dairy creamer in my dumpster has to stop. That stuff gives me gas.

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