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[Comic for Wednesday, October 8, 2003]


[[Nick has picked up Fred]]
Ki: What happened?
Fred: I-I don't know. I just slipped off the stool.

[[Nick suspiciously examines the stool]]
Nick: That's odd. The stool smells like that leather and trim polish you use on cars.
Fred: _And_ that you don't use on seats, because you could slip and lose control.

Ki: Okay, somehow I don't follow where this is going.
Fred: _Trent_. He knew my slime won't stick to that stuff, so he coated my stool with it.

[[Nick and Fred are standing around the corner from Trent's office]]
Nick: What makes you think it was Trent?
Fred: Well, first there's the childish snicker coming from his office...
Trent, off panel: SNK!

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