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[Comic for Friday, October 10, 2003]


[[Dexter comes into the break room looking burdened. Nick is comforting Fred]]
Ki: Hey, Dexter! How did your little meeting with Dwayne go?
Nick[[to Fred]]: Calm down...

[[Ki has her hand on Dexter's back]]
Ki: Dex? Are you okay?
Dexter: Um? Oh, um, sorry, Ki. Just got a lot on my mind.

[[Sharon glares at Dexter, who is in front of the microwave. Ki casts a disapproving glance in her direction]]
Sharon: Sigh... Dexter, will you stop eclipsing the microwave? I don't have time to orbit you.

[[Dexter, his back to Sharon glares, as does Sharon. Ki looks sad]]
Dexter: That does it.

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