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[[Nick and Ki are talking with Sharon, who looks ashamed. Fred is leaning off the table]]
Nick: Sharon, what's your problem with Dex? You've been hard on him for months.
Sharon: I know, I know...

Sharon: Every now and then, I keep flashing back to when we dated and broke up. I try to hold that back, but sometimes it just slips out.
Ki: And thanks to Fooker, he doesn't remember.

[[Sharon looks upset]]
Sharon: I know! I keep reminding mysellf about that! But somehow he just pushes the wrong buttons...
Ki: But why his weight? You were once almost as big as he is.

[[Sharon looks sad]]
Sharon: That's part of the point. I _know_ how dangerous his weight is to his health, since I've been there. I tried to help him lose some once, but that just helped drive us apart. It became an issue...

[[Sharon starts to walk away]]
Ki: He sounded pretty angry. Maybe you should talk to him before he makes that "hard decision made easy" he mentioned.
Sharon: I know...

[[Nick looks surprised]]
Nick: Sharon... was almost as big as _Dexter_?
Ki: Long time ago. She lost it all because of the diabetes...
Nick: Sharon... has _diabetes_?

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