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[[Trent enters Dwayne's office]]
Dwayne: Trent, thank you for coming, I need to have a word with you...
Trent: Sure, Big D.

Trent: No need to thank me for the fabulous year of business we've had, but a 20% raise would be appropriate...
Dwayne: This has nothing to do with your performance.

Dwayne: I have received a serious complaint from someone concerning your conduct on the job...
Trent: What?!

Trent: On, that, I can explain. Apparently, she missinterpreted my invitation to a business lunch as a night of passion at the--
Dwayne: Not that, although we obviously need to come back to it.

Dwayne: One of your coworkers claims you have been harassing them.
Trent: What? I may have made a pass at the red head once, but...

[[Fred stands up]]
Trent: Oh, you mean the mold. You don't seriously trust an unimportant blob of lime Jell-o...
Fred: See? I told you!
Dwayne: Fred...

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