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[Comic for Wednesday, October 22, 2003]


[[Trent and Fred are in Dwayne's office]]
Trent: Aw, c'mon! You don't seriously believe what that thing is saying!
Fred: "That thing" should not be discussed in the third person when it's present.

Dwayne: Okay, calm down, both of you. Obviously, we have a conflict that needs resolved. Trent, your pranks have to stop. Some of them have been very hazardous to Fred's health.

Trent: Sheesh, Dwayne. Look what we're talking about. It's a slime mold. It came out of some slob's messy apartment. That blob could use a good bath in bleach before we all die of food poisoning.

Fred: You want botulism, Pinocchio? I'll show you botulism!
Trent: See? It's out to get us!
Dwayne: Stop it! Both of you!

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