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[[Trent and Fred are in Dwayne's office]]
Dwayne: Okay, that's enough! We obviously need to establish a few rules when it comes to you two.
Trent: Let me tell you what's obvious, Dwayne...

Trent: Everyone dances around, acting like this piece of filth is one of us. Well, it isn't. It's a parasite that learned how to talk somehow, and now it thinks it can be treated like the rest of us.

Trent: Well, let me make one thing clear: it's not human. It has no rights, no civil liberties. It belongs with its own kind, not us. It should not have a job, working beside humans. It does not belong here!

Dwayne: Yes, Trent. I believe you made your stance perfectly clear...
Trent: Ya know, I just thought of an unfortunate analogy that isn't going to help me here...

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