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[[Sharon and Dexter are standing outside GPF Software]]
Dexter: Fooker is a secret agent, and he mind-wiped me so his cover wouldn't be blown!
Sharon: And to protect you, Dex! Let's talk about this inside...

Dexter: And you obviously knew about it, and led me along. And the whole Megan Morrone thing was a ploy to keep me from remembering our dating!
Sharon: Dex, please...

Sharon: Fooker mind wiped you for some very good reasons, so don't be angry. I didn't want to deceive you, but it was for your own good. I'll try to explain, but just please don't quit working here!

Dexter: Well... okay. But I get to strangle that goatee off Fooker's face when I see him again...
Sharon: Trust me, you'll have to stand in line...

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