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[[Trent was browsing through some papers and is looking up in aggressive shock as Fred comes crawling in on the desk]]
Fred: I gave you a fair warning, Trent. Now it's time to pay the piper. I'm suing your sorry butt.
Trent: You're WHAT?!

[[Close up of Fred, from over Trent's shoulder]]
Fred: I just got off the phone with my lawyer, and the paperwork is in motion. It's time you learned I'm not a slime mold to be messed with...

[[Fred is crawling away again, Trent is looking him down, smugly]]
Trent: And just where did YOU get a lawyer?
Fred: A young, up-and-coming hotshot with something to prove. See you in court.

[[We now see the office of Mr. Urbanski, Nicole's boss]]
Mr. Urbanski: I think this is a great case for you to handle alone, Duncan! Win this, and you might make senior partner!
Nicole: Thanks, Mr. Urbanski.

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