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[[Dexter, accompanied by Sharon, is talking to Dwayne]]
Dexter: Dwayne, after a lot of thought and some convincing by Sharon, I've decided to accept your offer for the full-time position.
Dwayne: That's great, Dexter!

[[The trio Dexter, Sharon, Dwayne is looking at Trent, who is leaving the picture, looking very annoyed]]
Dwayne: Why don't we all head to my place, and I'll order pizza to celebrate. Coming, Trent?
Trent: No thanks. I seem to have lost my appetite.

[[We now see the aforementioned trio from the back, and Fred joins them, on top of a desk]]
Dwayne: Has anyone seen Nick or Ki lately?
Fred: No, but I'll leave them a note so they'll know where to find us...

[[We see Nick and Ki, hair tussled, clothes disheveled, and Nick crouched in front of the door, rattling the doorknob]]
Ki: What do you mean, the lock is jammed?
Nick: Maybe we should have used the bathroom BEFORE the make-out session.

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