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{{The Trish in this comic is the "evil" Trish}}
[[after bumping into Trish again in the computer store, Ki poits angrily at Trish, Nick glares at her, Trish holds up her hands defensively]]
Ki: We warned you, Trish. Keep your distance from Nick or else.
Trish: Retract the claws, tigress. I got the message last time.

[[Nick and Trish eye eachother angrily]]
Nick: Didn't seem to sink in a few minutes ago. Stop stalking me.
Trish: Stalking you? I haven't seen you in MONTHS!

[[Nick and Ki together start leaving]]
Nick: Right. Like we believe THAT one. Don't make me get a court order to keep you away.
Trish: Fine. Whatever. Have a nice freaking day.

[[Nick and Ki's backs are seen as Trish looks back evilly to where Nick and Ki came from]]
Nick: Now how's THAT for weird? She didn't seem to remember just talking to us!
Ki: Somehow I think that girl has deeper issues...

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