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[Comic for Saturday, November 8, 2003]


{{The Trish in this comic is the "good" Trish}}

[[Trish is looking to the ground shyly, fretting with her clothing. Nameless shapes in the background]]
Trish: I-I'm really v-very sorry I b-bumped into your cart, b-but I don't see why th-that should make you and y-your friend s-so upset...

[[Shot of Sharon and Ki. Sharon looks surprised, Ki is angry]]
Ki: You know full well that had nothing to do with--
Sharon: Whoa, Ki, hold on. Miss, besides yesterday, have you ever seen this woman before?

[[shot of Ki looking neutraly at a heavily sweating, uncomfortable Trish]]
Trish: No! That's why I'm so confused! I'm new here in town, and I don't know ANYONE! I've said I'm sorry, so I don't understand why you're so angry with me!

[[Shot of Ki and Sharon in the booth, Trish to the side, blushing. Ki talks to Sharon, while Trish addresses noone in particular]]
Ki: I think we've got a mystery on our hands.
Trish: And I would have remembered your friend. H-he was kind of cute...

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