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{{The Trish in this comic is the "good" Trish}}

[[Wide shot of Trish sitting opposite to Sharon and Ki in the dining booth. Trish is looking down at the table, in a confessing pose]]
Trish: I-I moved here only a couple weeks ago, hoping to find a job. I-I tried this place called Goodman Rubber, but for some reason, they just LAUGHED at me!

[[Close-up of Trish, looking sad]]
Trish: But you don't want to hear about that. I moved here from out of state, so I don't know anyone or where anything is. And if you couldn't tell, I'm not exactly the most b-bold person either...

[[Shot of Ki's face and the back of Trish's head. Ki is talking to Trish]]
Ki: Hm. So you've never been here before? Not even, say, April?
Trish: Oh, no! In April, I was in Europe on assignment for my last job.

[[Sharon talks to Trish, who is looking down, sad]]
Sharon: Do you have a sister? Maybe a cousin who looks a lot like you?
Trish: No family. My parents died a few years ago. I was an only child.

[[Shot of Ki, Sharon and Trish. Ki is pondering, Trish looks clueless.]]
Ki: Does the name Nick Wellington mean anything to you?
Trish: No... should it?
Ki: Interesting.

[[Side-shot of Trish sitting opposite Sharon and Ki. Ki looks at Sharon]]
Trish: I'm confused. Why do you keep asking me these questions? I don't understand...
Ki: Neither do we, but it's high time we three found out.

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