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[[Sharon, Ki, and Good Trish are entering Bad Trish's apartment to find out whats going on]]
Good Trish: Looks like nobody's home. Maybe we can pick up a few clues.

[[Sharon is looking at a burger on a table]]
Sharon: Well, she's been here recently. Looks like she had a Wacky Burger and fries. Half eaten, warm and still fresh

Sharon: That's odd. It looks like she scraped off all the sesame seeds.
Good Trish: Oh, That. I can't stand sesame seeds. They get in my teeth and--

[[Good Trish is beginning to freak out and Ki is in the background holding a headless teddy bear.]]
Good Trish: EEP! M- My double is even mimicking my weird habits!
Ki: Then please tell me you don't behead stuffed animals...

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