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[[Trish's Fire escape. Nega-Trish stands outside while Ki and Sharon, framed by the window, look out]]
<<ping ping>>
Ki: What was that?
[[Nega-Trish raps her gun against the railing]]
<<tap tap>>

[[close-up on Ki and Sharon]]
Ki: I think someone just ran up the fire escape. Sharon, go check it out.
Sharon: But why me?
Ki: Because you're not the one wearing a skirt.

[[Ki, leaning out of the window, looks to the right as Sharon climbs the fire escape, toward and to the left of the fourth wall. Nega-Trish, in silhouette, lurks behind the corner of the building to Ki's Left]]
Sharon: grumble grumbe

[[Reverse of last shot, with Nega-Trish in color]]

[[close-up on Nega-Trish's left arm as she tips over a glass bottle with her left hand while holding a pistol with her right hand]]

[[Trish, worried, faces Ki, who turns around facing to the right of the fourth wall]]
Trish: Wh-What was that?
Ki: I think someone's in the bedroom

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