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[[Nick, Ki, Sharon and Dexter are sitting around a table in a resturaunt]]
Dexter: So you just left? You didn't try to find out where she went?
Sharon: We did look, but I couldn't find her. Plus I thought Ki's head was worse...

Nick: So where's the law-abiding girl I thought I was dating?
Ki: Ha ha. Things still don't add up. This "new" Trish was so different from the "old" Trish, it's hard to say she's the same person.

Dexter: I wish I knew what happened that night I left Luigi's with her.
Sharon: Well, she obviously didn't harm you, but that's another mystery unsolved.

Ki: You should've seen her, Nick. She seemed to have no real memory of meeting us, of the dinner, of even working at Goodman Rubber. She said she was in Europe in April.

Ki: She seemed to stutter a lot, something the "old" Trish never had a problem with.
Nick: Ki, maybe you are reading too much into this. Perhaps...
Out of Shot: Excuse me...

[[we see Trish, in red shirt. It was her talking.]]
Trish: I hate to interrupt, but... I think I have some explaining to do...

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