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Mrs. Wellington: Nick, your father will be home any minute. Why don't you take Ki's things upstairs while I take her coat...
Nick: Okay.

Ki: Thank you, Mrs. Wellington, for letting me stay.
Mrs. Wellington: Oh, no problem. Nick told us about your situation, and we'd hate for you to spend the holidays alone. And call me Linda.

[[Nick's father is in the background as a silhouette. Ki is shocked]]
Mr. Wellington: Control, 103. 111 in progress, intruder at 412 Rollings Lane. Send backup.

[[Nickk's father is visible. Nick and his mother glare at him, while Ki cowers behind Nick's mother.]]
Mrs. Wellington: And this is Nick's father, Charlie.
Mr. Wellington: Heh, did you see her jump? Almost five feet!
Nick: Dad...

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