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Mr. Wellington: Ah, uncle Wisebottom. We were wondering when you'd arrive.
Uncle Wisebottom: Charles, my boy. I trust young Nicholas and Ki preceded my arrival?

Ki: We got here yesterday. So is this a new experiment?
Uncle Wisebottom: No, just a robot drone. I would have teleported here, but the teleporter is more fo a disintegrator at the moment.

Nick: Mom, Dad... I waited until uncle Wise got here to do this, to help ease the shock. I need to make a few introductions...

Nick: This is Fred and Persephone. They are sentient slime molds that are currently staying with me.
Uncle Wisebottom: Fred is the green one.

Mr. Wellington: So... Are they... SAFE?
Persephone: Yes! We grew up in the filth of Nick's Friend's apartment, but we're no longer contagious.

Mrs. Wellington: Ooh... And all my dissection equipment is at the school...
Uncle Wisebottom: Never fear! I brought my own...
Fred: That's it. We're outta here...

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