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[Comic for Thursday, December 18, 2003]


[[Fred is playing Monopoly with Nick's family. Persephone oozes over]]
Persephone: Fred! Fred, I have to tell you something!
Fred: Not now, Pers. I'm about to send Wisebottom to the poor house...

Persephone: But Fred! It's urgent! It's really important!
Fred: So is collecting my rent. Boardwalk with 3 houses is $1400. Pay up, you old coot.

[[Persephone partially merges with Fred]]
Persephone: Fine. Then I'll resort to drastic measures.
Fred: Huh? Whatever. I'll -- yoink!

Fred: You have got to be kidding...
Wisebottom: Do you mind? I'm trying to pay this swindler his ill-gotten booty...

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