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[Comic for Wednesday, December 24, 2003]


[[ Christmas morning at the Wellingtons'. Nick is sitting next to Ki on the couch, with his arm around her. ]]
Ki: Ooh! A digital camera!
Nick: So you like it?
Ki: Like it? I _love_ it! Thank you, sweetie!

[[ Linda Wellington hands a box to Ki. ]]
Linda: And here's something for you, Ki. We didn't know what you'd like, so it's only chocolate, but we hope you enjoy.
Ki: You shouldn't have! Thank you!

Ki: There's only one thing I don't understand about this family. It's Christmas, and everyone is receiving some wonderful gifts! But you guys don't seem the slightest bit excited!

[[ Linda, Charles, Uncle Wise, and Nick all look placidly at Ki. ]]
Linda: Oh, we're definitely excited, Ki.
Uncle Wise: Can't you tell?

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