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[[Nicole and Fred discuss in Nick's kitchen: Fred wants to sue Trent. NOTE: this is a colored strip.]]

[[Nicole looks upset, even angry]]
Nicole: Do you really think you have grounds for a *slander* suit against Trent?
Fred: I'm sure I can think of something that rat said that we can use...

[[Nicole still looks angry]]
Nicole: My point is, you're a slime mold. Only a handful of people know you exist. How can he damage your reputation? Has he injured your relationship with Nick or Ki?

Fred: I'll have you know I have an extensive online presence as Dr Fredrick Physarum. I'm sure that if his lies were spread there, it could damage my credibility.

[[Nicole looks despaired, her head lying on the table between her arms]]
Nicole: If he wrote it online, then it *would* be libel, not slander.
Fred: Will you stop with the logic? I've got a good rant brewing for my blog now.

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