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[[Nicole and Fred discuss in Nick's kitchen: Fred wants to sue Trent. NOTE: this is a colored strip.]]

Nicole: Fred, let me go to the heart of my point: you're not a U.S. citizen, so you have no rights in this country.
Fred: Oh, I *am* a citizen.

Nicole: How can *that* be?
Fred: Just like you, I was born here. Ergo, I'm a citizen.
Nicole: But you don't have a birth certificate or social security number!

[[Nicole is rolling here eyes]]
Fred: Oh, I *have* a social security number. I couldn't have gotten my job at GPF without one.
Nicole: How did *you* get a social security number?

[[Fooker is in front of his computer, with Fred onhis shoulder]]
Narrator: Back in early 1999...
Fooker: There. I hacked the SSA, so you have an SSN. Still don't know *why* though...
Fred: So, you're useful for something after all...

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