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[[Craig and Sharon are eating in Wacky Burger with Nick's car outside]]
Craig: Yeow... I never knew you were diabetic...
Sharon: Neither did I until my doctor told me. So I ate right, exercised, and lost all the weight.

Craig: The contacts help. Those soda bottle glasses weren't at all flattering. I love the new hair, too.
Sharon: Yeah, I finally learned how to do something with it.

Craig: Wow... you look awesome, Sharon. It's like you're a totally different person since college.
Sharon: Thanks. Coming from you, that means a lot.

[[Nick is pointing his listening dish at Wacky Burger, Dexter is taking notes]]
Dexter: Nick, I think you need to work on your spy equipment...
Nick: Shh! "Slumming crumb blue. Hat beans a mop."

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