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[Comic for Sunday, January 11, 2004]


[[Outside of Wacky Burger, Nick sits in his car and watches as Dexter runs in.]]
Nick: [[voiceover]] Never in my years of experience have I see that much mass accelerate so quickly. Even Newton would be astonished.

[[Dexter enters Wacky Burger angrily; Sharon is surprised.]]
Dexter: Stop right there! Sharon, I cannot let you cheat on Fooker like this! You still LOVE him!

Dexter: He may be thousands of miles away in God knows where, but he would never give up on you! For shame!
Sharon: [[exasperated]] Dexter...

Dexter: Somewhere, he is pining for you, while you sit here and--
Sharon [[angry]] Dex, did it even occur to you that Craig and I are just good friends?

Sharon: [[angry]] We used to be buddies in college. I introduced him to the woman who is now his wife...
Craig: Who, I might add, is quite pregnant.

Sharon: Really?! Stacy's pregnant? How wonderful!
Craig: That's what I wanted to tell you...
Dexter: [[ashamed]] I'll be in the car...

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