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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Sunday, January 18, 2004]


[[Ki walks in the door to Nick's apartment, dressed in winter clothes and carrying a bag full of food. Persephone is perched on an end table next to the door.]]
Ki: Hey, Persephone! I brought Nick a calzone and you and Fred some moldy pizza...
Persephone: Thank goodness you're here, Ki!

[[Ki begins removing her coat.]]
Ki: Is something wrong? You sound worried.
Persephone: I think the Inventor's Gene has kicked in again. Nick keeps calling Fred "Igor" and locked them both in the lab... er, spare bedroom...

[[Ki opens the door to the spare bedroom. Persephone is perched on her shoulder.]]
Ki: Nick? I brought us dinner for our movie night, and... uh, oh...

[[Ki stares in surprise. Nick is kneeling next to a chair, above which is the characteristic helmet for Nick's MUTEX virtual reality machine. Behind him, Nick's Velociraptor power source seems coupled into the MUTEX. Fred sits in the floor next to Nick.]]
Ki: Is that...? A-and _that...?_

Ki: [angrily] *Bad Nick! You did _not_ just hook "Velociraptor" to the MUTEX! _Bad!_*
Nick: Just for one tiny little test...
Fred: Busted...

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