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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Saturday, January 24, 2004]


Feline Ki: If this isn't the Tron program, the what _is_ it?
Rodent Nick: I don't recall anything like this in the database...

Feline Ki: I thought you said the Mutex pulled its data from the Net.
Rodent Nick: It does. Have you been reading furry webcomics lately?

Feline Ki: No, but I think I make a cute cat. And you look pretty good as a mouse.
Rodent Nick: Hm. I'm not quite sure if I'm a mouse or a rat.

Feline Ki: Good enough to _eat_, for that matter...
Rodent Nick: Um... I think we ought to find out exactly where we are now...

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