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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Sunday, January 25, 2004]
[Comic for Sunday, January 25, 2004]


{{A Tail of Two Species, A Kevin & Kell
GPF Crossover event}}
{{Double feature, two comics on one page}}

{{First comic, drawn by Jeffrey T. Darlington}}
[[Ki and Nick have been transformed. Ki is cat-like, Nick is mouse-like]]
Nick: Obviousley, there's been some kind of malfunction. Fred, can you run a diagnostic on the reality matrix, just to be sure?

Nick: Fred? Fred, can you hear me? Fred, respond.
Ki: I wonder why he won't answer...
Someone out of the panel: Hey!

[[Up in the tree, next to Nick is a window, a squirrel is looking out of it]]
Squirrel: Keep it down, will ya? Some folks are tryin' ta sleep here!
Nick: Um, sorry.

Ki: A talking squirrel?
Nick: Considering our own appearances, that seems par for the cource.

[[Nick and Ki are approaching a road]]
Nick: Hmm, there seems to be a road just down the hill. Maybe it will lead somewhere. If I can find a computer, I can run the diagnostic myself

Nick: Now all we need is a bulldog and a little cartoon theme music and all will be complete...
Ki: I would pop you one, but I feel disinterested in everything except napping...

{{Second comic, drawn by Bill Holbrook}}
[[A car is coming down the road, Ki and Nick stick up their thumbs]]
Someone in car: Look, Lindesfarne! Hitchhikers!

[[View from inside the car of Ki and Nick hitchhiking]]
Someone in car: A cat and a mouse, no less

[[The driver of the car is a porcupine. It is taking to Nick and Ki through the car window]]
Lindesfarne: Hello!
Ki: Hi, we're lost.
Nick: Can you tell us where we are?

Fenton: Cape Qualm, North Carolina.
Lindesfarne: Where are you trying to get to?
Ki: Back to the real human world.

{{No text in this panel}}
[[Lindesfarne looks surpriced]]

Lindesfarne: You... came... from... Are you humans?
Nick: Yeah.

[Lindesfarne has stept out of the car and is holding the door open]
Lindesfarne: Listen! Down the read is a diner. Let's go eat... I have so many questions!
Ki: Excellent! I'm starving!

[[All four are sitting at a table in the diner. Nick has a large piece of Cheese in front of him, Ki a bowl of cat food]]
Lindesfarne: How's your larva platter?
Fenton: Eh... When they're this close to the pupa stage they lose their flavor.
Nick: I thought you said you were-
Ki: Now... I'm finicky.

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