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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Wednesday, January 28, 2004]
[Comic for Wednesday, January 28, 2004]


{{A Tail of Two Species, a Kevin & Kell
GPF Crossover Event.}}
{{First strip by GPF artist Jeffrey Darlington}}
{{Fenton from Kevin and Kell is a bat, Lindesfarne is an English hedgehog, Nick is currently a mouse (or possibly a rat, he isn't sure) and Ki is a orange tabby cat.}}

[[Lindesfarne looks in the window of the car at Nick, Ki is asleep on Nick's shoulder.]]
Lindesfarne: We're almost We're almost there. We had to stop for gas, though, so we thought you'd like to visit the convenience store.
Nick: Thanks.

[[Ki is playing with a red ball of yarn, purring happily with a smile on her face.]]
Nick: I need to hit the restroom, Ki, do you -- Never mind...

[[Fenton and Nick look at a line of doors labeled from left to right 'Prey Female', 'Prey Male', 'Predator Female']]
Fenton: Let me guess... Human restrooms are much simpler to figure out...
Nick: Some things stay the same. They're all occupied.

{{Second strip, by Kevin & Kell artist Bill Holbrook.}}
[[Ki, Nick, Lindesfarne and Fenton are standing on the lawn outside Fenton's home, a smart tree (in the sense of 'smart house'.]]
Ki: Thanks again for letting us stay with you, Fenton.
Fenton: Sure, just let me introduce you to my home.
Tree: Hi, there.

Ki: It... talks?
Lindesfarne: It's a smart house!
Tree: Pleased to meet you.
Nick: This is great!

Nick: What an awesome technological achievement! ...A superb advance in interactive architecture! I... I...

Nick: ...I've got the strangest urge to gnaw on it...
Tree: <<SLAM!>> [[the door closes forcefully]]
Ki (thinking): My claws DO need sharpening...

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