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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Friday, January 30, 2004]
[Comic for Friday, January 30, 2004]


{{A Tail of Two Species, a Kevin & Kell
GPF Crossover Event}}
{{Nick is a white mouse (or rat, he's not sure), Ki is an orange tabby cat, Fenton is a bat, and Lindesfarne is an English hedgehog.}}

{{First strip, by GPF artist Jeffrey Darlington}}
[[Nick and Fenton play a console game as the TV beeps, bloops, and bops in the background.]]
Fenton: So this new VR system you're building with my equipment... How exactly will that get you home?

Nick: If this is still a simulation, the feedback of the new reality matrix will loop back and cancel out this world, hopefully bringing us back.
Fenton: And if this world _is_ real?

<<TV: Bleep Boop Boink. Game Over.>>

Nick: Um... So Lindesfarne's dad runs an ISP, right?
Fenton: Just so long as you don't take my job, I can set you up...

{{Second strip, by Kevin & Kell artist, Bill Holbrook}}

[[Lindesfarne and Ki talk, as Nick and Fenton continue their game]]
Lindesfarne: A whole world... but only ONE species is intelligent?
Ki: Yeah, dolphins. Just kidding, but sometimes I do think the jury's still out on us humans.

Lindesfarne: ... But being all the same, you're united in brotherhood! It must be a paradise of universal bonding and peace!

[[Ki looks down at the table, as Lindesfarne, still in her hands raised pose of exposition realizes the truth...]]

[[Lindesfarne covers her eyes with one hand.]]
Lindesfarne: So how bad is it?
Ki: At least here you KNOW who your predators are.

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