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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Monday, February 2, 2004]
[Comic for Monday, February 2, 2004]


{{Part of the GPF
Kevin & Kell crossover. First comic drawn by Jeff Darlington.}}
[[Interspecies support group, Domain.]]
Lindesfarne: Nick and Ki, these are my parents, Kevin and Kell Dewclaw.
Kevin: If you couldn't tell, she's adopted.

Lindesfarne: These are our friends, Bruno and Corrie.
Bruno: Can you pass the lettuce, please?

Ki: My... I didn't realize how many... "mixed" couples there were here...
Fenton: Oh, this group is still small but growing. Most folks still balk at interspecies relationships...

Fenton: They believe each race should stick to its own kind. What kind of people believe such outdated nonsense?
Ki: [[worried, glancing toward Nick]] Very traditional parents...

{{Part of the GPF
Kevin & Kell crossover. Second comic drawn by Bill Holbrook.}}
[[Interspecies support group, Domain.]]
Fenton: Nick?
Nick: The compilation's almost done! With any luck, Ki and I will be able to return home!

Fenton: You're sure you don't want to stay?
Nick: We've considered it, but...

Nick: The truth is, we don't know WHAT consequences our presence is causing. It could be anything...

[[Outside building; shows newsstand with Daily Domain.]]
Nick: [[from inside]] ...something we'd never expect...
Daily Domain Headline: Reports of Worldwide Instinct Loss; Experts Baffled

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