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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Tuesday, February 3, 2004]
[Comic for Tuesday, February 3, 2004]


{{A Tail of Two Species, a Kevin & Kell
GPF Crossover Event}}
{{Nick is a white mouse (or rat, he's not sure), Ki is an orange tabby cat, Fenton is a bat, and Lindesfarne is an English hedgehog.}}

{{First strip, by GPF artist Jeffrey Darlington}}
[[Ki is talking to Danielle, a white rabbit]]
Ki: So, Danielle... Who are you here with? Let me guess... a tortoise?
Danielle: Heh. No, my fiance is George Fennec.

[[Ki has an eyebrow raised, Danielle looks nervous]]
Ki: Oh, a fox. I get it. Um, although it _does_ seem odd for a rabbit to eat meat.
Danielle: Heh... Y-you should meet my niece...

Ki: Actually... you seem vaguely familiar...
Danielle: I just have one of those faces... Er, scents...

Ki: There was this I.R.S. auditor that audited our company a couple years ago...
Danielle: Oh, couldn't have been me. I was... out of town. _Way_ out of town.

{{Second strip, by Kevin & Kell artist Bill Holbrook}}

[[Ms Aura sits at her computer, her son Nigel perched on the monitor. They're both buzzards.]]

Nigel: Mom? I thought we were done with this "ruling the world' thing.
Ms. Aura: I wanted to just live a normal life, too, Nigel, but look!

Ms. Aura: Reports of instinct loss are coming in from all over the globe... even worse than when Rudy was doing his "human" webcomic!

Ms. Aura: It's as if humans were actually present... en mass!

[[Lindesfarne greets Ki and Danielle]]
Lindesfarne: So... what are we talking about over here?

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