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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Wednesday, February 4, 2004]
[Comic for Wednesday, February 4, 2004]


{{A Tail of Two Species, a Kevin & Kell
GPF Crossover Event}}
{{Ki is an orange tabby cat, Fenton is a bat, and Lindesfarne is an English hedgehog. Danielle is a white rabbit}}

{{First strip, by GPF artist Jeffrey Darlington}}

[[Lindesfarne and Ki talk, as Danielle walks away]]
Lindesfarne: What's wrong, Ki?
Ki: It's your aunt Danielle. There's something... odd about her.

Ki: I could have sworn she reminded me of this I.R.S. auditor I met once, but her name was Danielle _Kendall_. But she was murdered at sea, or so I heard...

[[Lindesfarne's eyes are wide, as she remembers a conversation with her brother Rudy, the wolf]]
Lindesfarne (thinking): No... she _couldn't_...

Rudy (In flashback): Both of us saw aunt Danielle's DMV photo. It wasn't just a poor quality picture. She was _human_.

{{Second strip, by Kevin & Kell artist Bill Holbrook}}

Ki: Lindesfarne, could I have a word with your aunt?
Lindesfarne: Sure, Ki...

[[Ki confronts Danielle in the bathroom.]]
Danielle: Yes?
Ki: Danielle, I need to know if you've heard of a species with NO fur... NO tails... just rudimentary smell...

[[Danielle covers her eyes with one hand]]
Danielle: ...called "humans". How did you know?
Ki: Just little clues that indicated you're not familiar with a world where rules of human biology don't apply.

[[Ki's voice, coming through a door labeled 'Women', with a silhouette of a rabbit]]
For instance, we were both surprised there wasn't a line to get in _HERE_.

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