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[A Tail of Two Species: A Kevin & Kell/GPF Crossover]

[Comic for Saturday, February 7, 2004]
[Comic for Saturday, February 7, 2004]


[[Part of the Tale of Two Species crossover with Kevin & Kell. Pt 1 is GPF]]
Nick (as an anthropomorphic mouse): Okay, we're "alone" now. Go ahead, Fred.
Fred <voiceover>: Whew! You wouldn't believe what I've been through here!

Nick: We could say the same. What happened?
Fred: I still don't know, but I'd rather get you back and THEN shoot the breeze.

Danielle (Anthropomorphic rabbit): Where is that voice coming from?
Fred: Come again? I didn't read that.
Nick: Hold on a second, Fred.

Nick: I think it's time we said goodbye to some new friends.
Fred: Make it snappy. I don't know which button I pushed got it right...

[[Part 2, from Kevin & Kell]]
Ki (as anthropomorphic cat): Here goes!
Danielle: Good-bye!
Fenton (Anthropomorphic bat): Can someone tell me what's --


(Danielle is floating in midair; Ki and Nick are gone.)

(Danielle drops to the ground with a <THUD!>)

Danielle: Guess I forgot to click my ruby slippers three times.
Fenton and Lindesfarne (anthro hedgehog): What are...'slippers'?

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