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Notice: The current story is atypical of most GPF stories, and includes situations of a somewhat adult nature. (Sure, it's tame by most webcomic standards, but pretty racy for GPF. I've caught flak before for not offering such a warning, so here it is.) Viewer discretion is advised. Scroll down for today's strip.

[Comic for Sunday, February 15, 2004]


[[Trudy is asleep in what appears to be a nice bedroom]]

[[Trudy awakens]]
Nick's Voice: Trudy...Trudy, my darling.
Trudy: Nick?

[[Nick arrives, his shirt open and unbuttoned]]
Nick: It's so wonderful that I finally found you. I could not bear another day apart from you. I...I forgive you.
Trudy: Oh, Nick...

[[Nick starts to get into bed with Trudy]]
Nick: No. No speaking. I want to _show_ you how much I forgive you... How much I feel for you... How much I _love_ you.

[[Trudy is asleep in a run-down bedroom and reaches out in her sleep]]
Rat: ?

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