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[[A waitress brings some food to Trudy]]
Trudy narrating: I should be spending more time planning how to flee the country and tap into those hidden offshore accounts the FBI hasn't seized yet.

[[Trudy is sitting and the building across the street is visible]]
Trudy narrating: I should color my hair and cut it, maybe consider plastic surgery. I should be more actively hiding instead of wallowing in self-doubt.

[[Todd and Empress Trudy are fighting in the building across the street; Todd has some sort of ring around his wrist]]
Trudy narrating: But all I can think about are those dreams. They're so vivid, so real... am I... am I going mad? Am I losing my grip on reality?

[[Trudy tears up]]
Trudy narrating: Next thing you know, I'll be seeing tall scary men in green jester caps.

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