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[[Nick is using his Palm in the boardroom. Ki, Sharon, and Dexter walk in.]]
Nick: Heh heh...
Ki: Uh oh... _that's_ a maniacal chuckle if I've ever heard one. What's up, Nick?

[[Nick shows what he's doing on his Palm. Dexter looks excited]]
Nick: Someone here in the building has an open Wi-Fi access point. I'm actually web surfing with my Palm.
Dexter: Kewl! Let me see!

[[Dexter and Nick are talking in the background. Ki and Sharon are talking in the foreground]]
Dexter: So does it just pick up an IP address using DHCP?
Sharon: An open access point? That's a big security risk...

[[Dexter and Nick's conversation continues off-panel; focus is on Ki and Sharon, who looks concerned]]
Nick, off-panel: Sure. Take a look...
Ki: Security risk?
Sharon: Yeah. If it's behind someone's firewall, it could expose their enitre intranet.

[[Sharon sternly looks at Nick's Palm, then quickly swivels her head in surprise]]
Sharon: Unlike a public hotspot, an open AP in a corporate network can let anyone waltz in and access their-- Hey! That's one of _our_ IP addresses!

[[Trent, grinning, is sitting at a picnic table near GPF, talking on his cell phone and using a laptop, presumably using it to access the Internet]]
Trent thinks: Trent, you're a genius.

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