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[[An angry Sharon strides down the hall, Nick and Dexter following her]]
Sharon: Who would be dumb enough to set up an open unsecured Wi-Fi access point within our network?
Nick: Don't look at me. I just found it.

[[Dexter points out a room. Ki stands on the other side of the hall while Sharon walks down the hall]]
Dexter: It's not in here...
Ki: What are we looking for?
Sharon: Probably a small personal AP, meant for home use.

[[Sharon looks under a table while Nick investigates the room]]]
Sharon: We have to find it and shut it down fast. As long as that thing is running, all our customers' data is exposed and vulnerable to crackers!

[[Trent is grinning and showing a laptop to Dwayne]]
Trent: See? No wires! Imagine the freedom of creativity our team can have!
Dwayne: _is_ awfully convenient...

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